I am an interactive Art Director from Paris with 4 years Experience. zx intern at Bigspaceship in NYC and student at hyperisland. Freelance designer/thinker.

Last module at hyperisland

Just starting with friends the last module called the agency. We named ourselves cousteau in reference of the pioneer explorer Jacques Cousteau. Our client are SVT (National television ) and BETC( french advertising agency )

Follow our work here

or here!/CousteauCo

Script writting for music video

I am working on a music video project with my fellow Antoine. Pretty fun new experience.

To do that we are using this really good software called celtx that has a number of good functionnalities.

The free version is quiet good as well, so if you need to be organised and get your hands dirty on a scenario download it here :

Pizzapp project #2

This is the second episode of my progression on my personnal project named now pizzap. I will go through my process but i ll probably keep the idea secret until the end, stay tuned

Tonight I started learning air for Android to publish and create soon the app i am working on, remember ?

With using flash, i am able to create simple application and as i know a bit of as3 it shouldn’t be too hard. 

Starting with this gotoandlearn tutorial is great !

I am feeling a bit of a developper tonight  ;)

If you want to get your hands dirty , a good start is tutorials:

I don’t know yet, but as this application will probably handle a lot of video/motion graphics made by my friend Antoine, i might use Gaia framework to have an easy ready to work structure.

I am happy to see this project coming, but if i stick to my plan, i still have a lot of work on the website and the “viral” video.

Cheers and good Sunday

Amadeus: So.. who is Amadeus? and what do they do?


The Amadeus team exists out of 6 Hyper Island students following the Interactive Art Director program in Stockholm. The teammembers: Charlie (FRA), Charlon (NED), Luis (POR), Reidun (NOR) Pauline (SWE) and Samuel (SPA).

Check out the video to get a feel of our team:

Right now we are in the…

My first app is a Pizzap’

I am at this time working on a personnal project.

It includes Pizza, app, explosion and motion graphics. A good way of applying my knowledges in one project. To be updated …..

Amadeus: Service design workshop with Lauren Currie from Snook


This is our awesome one day workshop in pictures for ya!

First we had to find a service problem. We choose SCAS, our student administrative platform.

Then we researched the service and gained some findings of peoples feeling about SCAS and what to improve. Student said the SCAS service felt…

Client Design branding and strategy wrap up !

I ve been pretty busy the last few weeks at hyperisland. We did a module called Client Design branding and strategy.

INGRID studio

We started in random groups as it is at hyperisland, and a random subject ! I felt pretty lucky as I was given the opportunity to work for INGRID , an upcoming label made by the some famous swedish artists. Including Mike Snow, Peter bjorn and John, Likke li, Electrocute and many more. The main reason for them to create this label was that journalists asked them about what’s happening in sweden and at this time they didn’t have any answer…

The main studio of this label is located in Sodermalm, and it’s actually the old abba studio which i have the chance to visit :

this thing is supposed to play abba - money money by itself

The birth of INGRID is also due to a strong willing of making independant music, without constraint, and in an artist controlled way. As they are new, they wanted us to explore what should be the future of digital music, and how INGRID could take a part on it.

Not an easy brief, but through presentation from a lots of good speakers ( made by many, @ZachKlein, soundcloud, TocaBoca, and more) I learned how branding should be processed, using tools as branding platform, strategic research, insight building, and idea generating. 

Hi highly recommend you the work of TocaBoca who is taking the mobile game in a really different approacj : Devices are just only new toys kids can combine, while testing and prototyping, they make easy but amazing app for kids as the teaparty :D here is the video. There identity is also really interesting, everytime based on the same logo, but contextually changing to match the game as Atari use to do with their rainbow on everygame.

I tried to implement strange and creative way of interviewing people or making them react, and i must say that it was a lot of learning. I think the process of creation, most of the time neglected by agencies is a really valuable tool, on a creative side (and on a financial side as well !)

Interview card IDEO inspired

The end presentation happened in one of INGRID studio in stockholm, in the theatre room. We presented it to few people and artists frome the label, Nicole Monier from electrocute was there as well from los angeles on Skype ! ( Just find out that her band actually did the Sponge bob theme song for the movie :D ).

We came up with good ideas, and i am really attached to one i think they should do. We signed an NDA for this project but i hope to talk you about this as soon it’s released

To be simple we built on the main insight we found out :

Analogue VS digital

How can we keep the scarcity, emotion of the analogue and use the social graph as a good spreading platform. I guess it’s probably now every business problem as everything is getting digital…

I will during the next week build a case movie and really want to share it with you as soon as it s legally possible.

End of the first big module, and we ended this one in a quiet strange partying way. We tried to stick to the swedish white trash coutume and went on a boat, viking line, called CINDERELLA. What a wonderfull name for a crazy strange party boat. Bad music, old fashioned bar, people buying alcohol in the duty free, and all of this during approximately 20 hours. We were almost 20 of our class, and just after sailing in the wonderfull archipelago landscape, we jump into the pary mode… the rest of the story is kept secret in the international water … Here is some nice pics of our restless weekend.

See ya 

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