I am an interactive Art Director from Paris with 4 years Experience. zx intern at Bigspaceship in NYC and student at hyperisland. Freelance designer/thinker.

Typography works

Hey ya,
Working on some Typography composition in full HD extra giga size and lovin’it 


Afficher davantage

A new chapter !

Hi there,

I am back in Paris, and i started freelancing for some cool projects. It’s not really the end of my trip as i am flying on wednesday to Korea for the R16 to produce a teaser video with my collective ! 


I am not a natural born illustrator, however I sometimes do some. I tried to figure out a place where to store them. My portfolio, or another one … Finally it’s here in my blog. 


More personnal work to come soon i hope

Afficher davantage

Style wars: (too)detailed ux VS Clean ux

I am freelancing a lot these times. And when you have lots of projects and interning (at bigspaceship !), it’s hard to be focused on what you have to do. I have been slowly influenced by blogs such as the99percent for productivity techniques. The best way I’ve experienced so far is to have a big roadmap ( i am using google calendar for that ) and a daily roadmap.

For this daily roadmap, I’ve been using plenty of tasks management tools without being really satisfied, because these apps which most of them are available on mobile and your computer, are too complicated.
Lastly I’ ve been using wunderlist, which i must say is a great tool. Event if i found some functionnalities a bit blurry. 

But  the last one i am using, who is doing the same in a better way is . For me it’s better for 2 reasons :

The reminder are more clear and action focused ( call xxx, do that, xxxx)  and provide a quick access to what your task says.
i.e if you say call someone, the reminder will allow you to call this person straight from it !! That’s great

a clever reminder

And the second reason is that the ui si more clear. It’s only sharp fonts on a plain white background.
And here come my point:

Influenced by the slick 1 pixel lightning design and smooth textures of the Iphone, almost all apps ( and also website)  have this kind of design, which for me don’t make them really different from one to another and too complicated for your eyes:

Wunderlist over detailled interface 

Any provide a cleaner and more memorizable list of tasks 

I am on android but as everyone is saw this app available on the iphone market : CLEAR .Another app - its ux is the new trend we will/must see in the future. And especially for tasks, your brain need to print that list you have on the screen, the less graphically complicated it is, the more you’ll remember them !

The Clear app ui is …. very clear !

If we look closer, it’s not too far from the windows phone ux principles : Big letters, simple colors, no gradients.

Another quick reflexion, button use to be blue links, it took time for common people to understand its meaning, then it became glossy, shiny with a bevel, wich is an imitation of the ‘real life’ button and makes it more understandable. Now everyone (almost) understand the principle of ux, and everything is clickable, button tend to be flat, and clean as seen on or Clear.

I must say i am more happy with this trend and hope to see more diversity in app design than the 3 tools everyone is using since the supremacy of the iphone :

  • Light textures, 
  • 1pixels lines for highlights or shadows,
  • smooth gradient,
  • Drop shadows.

And how sad is the work of a designer when it’s only about applying these 3 effect on a too detailed wireframe ?

We tend to forget the meaning of design ( french word by the way )
design = dessin (drawing)+ dessein (goal)

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